2013 AgriStability Program Year Changes

The Growing Forward 2 policy framework agreement comes into effect for the 2013 program year. Under this new agreement, a number of changes were introduced for the AgriStability program including a reduced program fee, 70% margin coverage, harmonized compensation rate for both positive and negative declines, and a reference margin limit. Read about the changes

Existing program parameters as outlined below remain in place for the 2012 and prior program years.

AgriStability provides support when you experience a large margin decline. You may be able to receive an AgriStability payment when your current year program margin falls below 85% of your reference margin.

AgriStability is based on margins:

Program margin - your allowable income minus your allowable expenses in a given year, with adjustments for changes in receivables, payables and inventory. These adjustments are made based on information you submit on the AgriStability harmonized form.

Reference margin - your average program margin for three of the past five years (the lowest and highest margins are dropped from the calculation).

Should your production margin fall below 85% of your reference margin in a given year, you will receive a program payment.